26th Annual KHSMUN Conference:

Protecting the rights of refugees

Soldier checks the refugee ID papers of Maureen Adiri at A Day in the Life of a Refugee. by Crossroads Foundation Photos (2016)

As the political structures in the Middle East and Africa remain fractured, refugees from these regions continue to increase at an alarming rate, while concerns also in South America and South-East Asia remain unsolved. As the world maneuvers around this refugee crisis, the ideals of health, security and economic stability of host countries begin to threaten the basic human rights refugees are granted while they work tirelessly to rebuild an already fractured life.

The 2016 Kansai High School Model United Nations will challenge students of Japan to tackle these issues of refugee rights exclusively in English as a foreign language.

General Assembly Topics

  • Refugees and migration

    The first topic focuses on the travels of refugees as they attempt to flee their war-torn country in search of a new beginning for themselves and their families. We will look at health & safety issues, border control, and concerns about smugglers & human traffickers.
  • Refugees and camps

    The second topic focuses on the establishment of refugee camps and their contribution to the world refugee crisis. We will look at the establishment of sustainable camps, international cooperation towards the sustainability of camps, and camp security.
  • Refugees and resettlement

    The third topic focuses on resettlement efforts of refugees into host countries. We will look at the cooperation of the international community and their efforts (or lack there of) in providing resettlement opportunities, the welfare of the refugees who do resettle into foreign societies, and the financial impact on both the refugee and the host country.
  • Emergency session

    Central African Republic: The Forgotten Emergency

2016 KHSMUN Participants